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Why Settle For Less When You Can Have More?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We are going to show you just what is so brilliant about imported furnishings and kitchens from Germany.

Once you have read this article, think for a while, with a similar budget, why settle for less when you can have more?

Organized Storage

With ergonomics in mind, every storage area is well organized to ensure that you can find what you need in everyday cooking.

Easy Accessibility

With the impressive German engineering and well built rotating swivel unit, it makes all your cooking accessories easy to access, easy to store and easy to find.


With the user's need in mind, a German kitchen can be customized and fitted with systems that serves multi-functions, from cooking to laundry or even waste disposal.

Simply Beautiful

Well placed lights under the cabinets simply makes your kitchen amazing to look at. If you love looking at your kitchen, you will love using it.

Machine Tested

As part of the quality assurance that comes from a German Manufacturer, their systems, materials and parts are vigorously tested over more than 80,000 times to ensure that they are made-to-last. Question yourself, do your local manufacturer even test their product more than 10 times?

Space Maximized

"I need a lot of space, I have got tons of things to keep", sounds familiar? Our German Kitchens are built with a modular system where we can customize and maximize the space you need.

Unbeatable Workmanship

It is not hard to see and feel the workmanship of a German Kitchen. Every smoothen edge and every perfect joint makes a whole lot of differences. Not only that, why keep to a typical design that any local manufacturer can offer? Why not go for an imported kitchen with creatively designed system with wow-factors?

So It Must Be Super Expensive?

Under Haus furnishing & interiors, we have worked with our German partners for more than 29 years where we are now able to secure and bring in imported German furnishings & interiors for a fraction of the cost. This is why we can now pass on the fruits from our labour to bring you our mega-value packages.

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5 Room | Modern Minimalist

4 Room | Industrial Chic

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