About Haus furnishings & interiors

Having supplied more than 20,000 imported kitchens and wardrobes to residential condominiums,

Haus furnishings & interiors is the preferred choice for imported premium quality furnishings in Singapore.

Haus furnishings & interiors is a subsidiary of Kitchen Culture Holdings Ltd (Listed on the SGX-Catalist in 2011).


Why Use Imported Furnishings?

European high standards of emission control, especially carcinogenic formaldehyde and eco-friendly source, coupled with excellent workmanship and quality assurance derived from the highest level of testing, backed with certifications and awards, makes German kitchens and Italian wardrobes an unbeatable product combination.

Architectural plans

Worldwide Perspective

Our imported kitchens and wardrobes are planned, designed and produced in Europe that is made and aimed at the global markets.




We leverage on the unique design solutions and timeless style designed by renowned German kitchens and Italian wardrobes manufacturers to provide you distinctive products.

Respect For


Our material used in our kitchens and wardrobes are produced with renewable energy source and comes from eco-friendly, sustainable tree farms.


Low Formaldehyde


To protect the health of you and your family, our manufacturers only use panel materials certified with the highest European standard of low formaldehyde emissions.




Our manufacturers ensure perfection right down to the finest detail, developed and produced according to the highest quality criteria. Our products are made exclusively in Germany and Italy.


Finest Quality

Machine Tested

All of the materials used are subjected to extensive test
procedures in the laboratory for a minimum service
life of 15 years, inspected and certified by independent
international institutes.

Our Quality Assurance

We treat every customer with professionalism.

Our deepest desire is to make our customers trust our imported products and our warranty has changed from desire to reality. With more than 30 years of experience building kitchens and wardrobes for condominium projects and private properties owners, we have confidence in the materials used and the quality of our products.

Please download our warranty here.

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